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Kicked arse XD

i loved having unlimited grenades XD that was the funniest shit eva, specially wen it lagged n took awhile to throw'em coz they all fly out at once in a massive group XD lol

10/10 DUDE!!!!

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this is the KOOLEST game u hav made so far...ur games r frikin awsum XD

wens ur next game coming out i cant w8

squidsquid responds:

Thanks! Actually I have a new game coming out in the next week or so, watch this space...

i all of a sudden wanna make a madness tribute

This was frikin awsome dude...the best tutorial i'v ever seen

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volt-light responds:



This was a fun game... but it ruined it coz u dont hav all da lvl's here.

still its 10/10

kerb responds:

cheers. it's just something thats a bit different and silly - i'm glad you took it in the spirit that it was intended. i share your pain about all the levels not being here - we've been big fans of newgrounds for years and always try and upload whatever the people we work for will let us upload! :)


Great game still aint as gud as dodge or die but still gud...same issue wiv graphics

improve graphics and gameplay (like add shooting enemies) and this will be a great game :D

I h8 the way ppl bag out emo's...

...but i giv u a five for a gud concept for a game...pretty gud graphics too.
No sound..?

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Great game

it's a fun game just to short... add a couple more lvl's and touch up the detail and its a perfect puzzle game

mothballs responds:

Cool dude, thing is I didn't want the file size to go to high, and I got enough glitches as it is. But thanks for the review man.


Dude this is an awsome first game...u shud make more games like this :D

lol the inverted lvl is frustrating


it was an awsome game....cant w8 for a second one... if u do make a second one add more weapons :D

I dont no wot C-Un1t is on bout...there is medkits and i think its fun without auto reload coz if u had auto reload u cud just keep shooting constantly

it was funny but......

it got boring after a while and u need more lvl's dude....keep this in mind for no.2 im givin u a 10 coz i liked heaps it just needs som work......

how bout a lvl where there is a city wiv cars on a road driving by and u drop the dude and the cars hit him flying :D

dailyderek responds:

Omg dude that was my idea to add a level like that! Well, yeah, I'll try that! lol

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