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Tell me wot ya 2 fav weapons r from last stand to...... mines the Compound Bow and RPG...... Also tell wot weapons they shud hav in the next one :D

Never again

NEVER AGAIN to emo collection

2008-05-13 08:11:02 by Mestevez

hey ppl's can u plz recommend my animation "NEVER AGAIN" to emo collection.... i'd appreciate it if u did :D

ty ppl's...cya's

Hey again ppl's

2008-05-13 05:20:21 by Mestevez

well i want to add my animation nvr again to emo collection but i dont no how....? PLZ HELP PPL'S!!!

o.k ppl's im not having a break

2008-05-04 00:17:17 by Mestevez

som ppl actually like my work so i might not stop makin flash cartoons....i did get invited to make a collab stick fite but i turned down the oppertunaty coz i really need to work on my animating skills b4 i do somthing like that....

seriously im not that great...

but i will make more toons...i just need idea's is all...
i might be making a game or 2 as well

cya round ppl's

well i kinda got bored of making im havin a rest.

also i moved skools and finally had the courage to tell maddi (girl i like) that i lov her and i regret not telling her earlyer.......

i no that aint really news but i miss her heaps and had to tell ppl's..

little help plz

2008-04-18 21:20:14 by Mestevez

im just wondering i dont no who to talk to bout this but um can somone help me...wen i submit a flash cartoon or game it becomes slower then it actually is....y is that

plz help me!

my dodgy peice of shit computer is scruing up big time im gonna try fix it but why its slow i cant really do detailed animations.

So far though im making a zombie game (MY FIRST GAME!!!) and im not shore wot to add... i was thinkin more weapons and add more levels.Its only got one level but the idea was to see how long u can survive with just a base ball bat. beat zombies heads in and try get a gud score and time. Oh and after u die u can take out ur frustration on ur fellow zombies by hitting'em.

F***ING COMPUTER..... and workin on game!